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Expert: the People’s Programme is needed because it is needed

Expert: the People’s Programme is needed because it is needed

Интернет-проект по выработке нового позитивного видения будущего Беларуси стартовал в Bynet по инициативе Движения «За Свободу», лидером которого является Александр Милинкевич. Основатели проекта заявляют, что создание сайта — новый этап начатой еще в 2010 году кампании «Народная программа». Эта инициатива была поддержана коалицией «Белорусский выбор» и работает с рядом белорусских экспертов.

In search of the common future

Deputy head of the MFF Yuras Hubarevich said in his interview to Deutsche Welle that the new site is one of the mechanisms of building of the feedback between politicians, experts, and civil figures and the Belarusian society. The purpose of the project is the collective development of a new vision of Belarus as a European democratic state, and the search of solutions that are necessary to implement in order to reach progress in various areas of social life, noted Hubarevich.

The experts propose various topics, express certain ideas, and predict scenarios; and the site’s visitors have the possibility to register using their accounts in several social networks, such as Facebook, Vkontakte, and Twitter, or directly on the site. After that, they can participate in discussions, put forward their proposals, and argue with the experts.

Yuras Hubarevich informed that the project has been supported by many experts, including Mikhail Zaleski, Dzianis Mielyantsou, Siarhiey Chaly, Piotr Mihurski, Tattsiana Manionak, Yuriy Mielashkievich, and many others. “We call on absolutely different people to join us”, says the MFF deputy head. “The campaign hasn’t been developed for any particular political force or for some narrow political purposes.” Hubarevich thinks that all sorts of ideas can be expressed, so that the process of discussion leads to the appearance of a common vision of the way Belarus should develop, and of the changes required in various fields.

Attempts to consolidate the experts web project is not the first expert platform in Belarusian internet. The web site of the Belarusian expert community named Our Opinion has operated since 2003. Virtually all political parties, NGOs, and news media are also trying to create platforms in internet in order to get feedback. What role could the People’s Programme new web site play in the discussion about the country’s future?

Philosopher and methodologist Uladzimir Matskievich noted in his interview to Deutsche Welle that the idea of the People’s Programme is quite good. However, according to him, the modern Belarusian society has low interest both in the expert opinion and in any theoretical designs. Any expressed opinions and proposals will have an insignificant influence in the conditions of absence of social demand and of authoritative experts, thinks Matskievich.

At the same time, he called the build-up of the expert potential a relevant purpose. The expert drew attention to the fact that, outside the framework of the governmental authorities, there are today almost no professionals who could take responsibility for certain national programmes.

Speaking about the prospects of the new project, Matskievich complained that every attempt of the opposition to achieve consolidation has so far been hindered by selfishness and “corporate” interests of Belarusian politicians, and political entities and groups. “The same will, surely, happen to the People’s Programme. Other political forces would hardly find the will to support this initiative”, prevents the expert.

Yet, he is certain that such speculations shall not be the reason to sit on one’s hands, doing nothing. The People’s Programme is one of those things that “should be done just because they should be done”, summed up Uladzimir Matskievich.

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