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Will Mikita Likhavid’s attempt to appeal against his sentence be successful?

Will Mikita Likhavid’s attempt to appeal against his sentence be successful?

The appellation against the sentence to the activist of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Mikita Likhavid will be considered in Minsk City Court on April 29. He was sentences to three and half years of imprisonment for his participation in the events of December 19.

The interest to the outcome of this trial is increased by the statement made by the 21 y.o. activist after the sentence was announced: he said he would begin a hunger strike, if the sentence isn’t reversed.

A usual question for such trials is: Will the convict be allowed to be present during consideration of his cassation appeal? According to Likhavid’s mother Alena, this decision will be an illustrative one.

“Mikita wrote an application to be admitted to court for consideration of his complaint; however, as the lawyer says, firstly, this is decided by the court, and, secondly, it is highly unlikely. Though, according to the lawyer, this would be the violation of his rights, since every person has the right to be present during consideration of his or her case. Yet, she is 99% certain that he won’t be allowed to be present. She met him once again yesterday, and says he also doesn’t hope much. He has no illusions. They agreed that she will visit him in the pre-trial detention center directly after the trial to inform him of the result.”

Exactly a month ago, on April 29, judge of Partyzanski District Court Natalla Pykina found Likhavid guilty of participation in mass disorders, and sentences him to 3.5 years of imprisonment in high security prison.

Right after the trial, Likhavid announced the start of a hunger strike, but later suspended the execution of this decision till his cassation appeal is considered. Will the young man begin a hunger strike, if Minsk City Court doesn’t reverse the sentence?

“A letter came from him the day before yesterday, in which he wrote about the hunger strike. And I’m constantly talking with him about it, and trying to dissuade him. However, I understood from this letter that he doesn’t intend to abandon his decision.”

Besides, in his talk with the lawyer, Likhavid asked to express his gratitude to everyone who has supported him during all these days, especially to blogger Budzimir and to Siarhiey Malaletkin from Vorsha, who were on a hunger strike in solidarity with him.

Likhavid’s cassation appeal will be considered after 11 a.m. If the cassation appeal isn’t satisfied, the activist will serve his term in the high security prison in Navapolatsk.

The attempts to contest the sentences for participation in the events of December 19 were previously made by Vasil Parfiankou, Ales Atroshchankau, Alaksandr Malchanau, and Dzmitriy Novik — however, all in vain. //Radio Liberty

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