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Hubarevich announces the end of his participation in the presidential campaign

Hubarevich announces the end of his participation in the presidential campaign

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Presidential contender, Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yury Hubarevich has announced the end of his participation in the presidential campaign. He now plans to focus on organizing election observation.

“June 19 is the last day of collecting signatures. Just as we planned, my team — using a legal opportunity — held pickets ranging from Minsk to the site near the Belarusian NPP to talk about the dangers of the ‘corona-elections’ both for the health of citizens and for our rights as voters,” reads Hubarevich’s statement.

In his opinion, from the very beginning of the presidential election campaign of 2020, the authorities started to act brazenly, rudely, and brutally, repressions have been growing every week, with no remnants of the rule of law left. The politician reminded that on June 19 he was sentenced to 15 days in jail for participating in a legal picket to collect signatures.

“Against the background of a record rating downgrade, having nothing to offer Belarusians to renew the social contract, Lukashenka is trying to retain power through the use of law enforcement agencies. He is trying to cover up his actions by the need to defend the independence of Belarus. However, it is well-known who has created such a threat over his quarter-century rule over our country,” said Hubarevich.

In his opinion, Belarusians should seek an end to repressions and the release of participants and activists of the presidential election campaign, including the head of the initiative group to nominate presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya Siarhey Tsikhanouski and presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka, both of whom are now the subjects of criminal proceedings.

The Central Election Commission headed by Lidziya Yarmoshina should be dissolved, said Hubarevich. “The public will not be able to believe the official results of the vote on August 9. Therefore, a new CEC should be formed to be the Central Election Commission trusted by the people,” he suggested.

Other steps to be taken are as follows: precinct election commissions should include representatives of presidential candidates, and observers should have the right to monitor the vote count.

“There is a common goal for everyone who stands for change in Belarus and who understands that there are no real elections in Belarus today — to legally achieve real, democratic elections,” said the MFF Chairman.

The path to this is observation. “Every citizen has the right to participate in the observation of voter turnout, especially during early voting, and the vote count. Only active and mass observation will allow us to influence the members of election commissions, remind them of criminal liability for fraud and the need to act within the law,” thinks Hubarevich.

“It is active and mass observation which is a legitimate opportunity to defend the true will of the people,” he said.

After leaving the presidential election campaign as a contender for candidate status, he intends to focus on organizing active mass observation.

“The incumbent head of state will lose. We just need to register legally this electoral situation. All of us together!” concluded Hubarevich.

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