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Presidential candidate Yuri Hubarevich is arrested for 15 days

Presidential candidate Yuri Hubarevich is arrested for 15 days

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Minsk City Pershamayski District Court has ruled today to arrest for 15 days the Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF), presidential candidate Yuri Hubarevich.

Hubarevich received a summons for administrative proceedings under Part 3 of Article 23.34 of the Administrative Offences Code (Violating the rules of organizing or holding mass events) for June 7, when a big picket was held in Minsk to collect signatures for alternative candidates.

Judge Nastassia Liaukouskaya read out the protocol, according to which he took part in a rally unrelated to the election campaign and shouted slogans such as ‘Stop the cockroach!’, ‘Freedom to Tsikhanouski!’, and ‘Stand down!’.

Hubarevich pleaded not guilty, noting that his initiative group was collecting signatures for his nomination as a presidential candidate, and he “addressed the people, calling them to approach the picket and sign.”

During the decision-making break, Hubarevich decided to leave and said he had the right to receive the decision by mail. This caused a misunderstanding of the court clerk and the policemen sitting in the courtroom. The secretary tried to prevent him from leaving.

According to volunteers, when the judge returned and did not find Hubarevich in the courtroom, she decided not to announce the decision publicly, but simply left the courtroom.

The court reported that Hubarevich was arrested for 15 days.

Hubarevich called such a decision legal lawlessness and revenge for the action on June 18, when many kilometres of solidarity queues lined up through the centre of Minsk. “The authorities even have no patience to wait until the campaign to collect signatures is over,” said the MFF Chairman.

The politician notes the fact that he had received an administrative arrest for “addressing Minsk citizens on June 7 and calling them to approach the picket to sign.” “These ‘elections’ will definitely go down in history,” concluded Hubarevich.

Hubarevich was not yet arrested when this news appeared, but the arrest could be enforced at any time.

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