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Hubarevich: Lukashenka is a bigger threat for Belarusians today than the coronavirus

Hubarevich: Lukashenka is a bigger threat for Belarusians today than the coronavirus

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Two anti-pickets as part of the campaign by the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Chairman Yuri Hubarevich took place on Sunday in Minsk and Biarozauka. The teams did not set the goal of collecting signatures, the main goal being awareness raising and enrolling people in election observation.

In Minsk, near Central Market, the MFF Chairman’s team handed out leaflets with an offer to enrol in election observation, and worked with people at the anti-picket, speaking about the need for active participation and nomination to election commissions and observers.

“Collecting signatures for nomination is not a priority. And, we surely don’t send anyone to visit people’s apartments,” said Hubarevich at the picket.

The main message at the information pickets is that the regime needs to be changed. “Detentions at election pickets are complete lawlessness. Lukashenka is afraid of even this short term — four weeks of relative freedom. It’s the only time when you can see so many people and so many flags in the centre of Minsk,” said the politician.

In Biarozauka, locals were waiting for pickets by independent candidates, as well. People both approached the [real national] white-red-white flags and the MFF symbols and knew about the picket from the announcement, which was posted by the local community on social networks.

People noted the need for change in Belarus, and expressed their willingness to participate in election observation. “I came to sign for Belarus to be free!” said a resident of the town, who greeted the picket’s participants with the slogan: “Long live Belarus!”

One of the other issues which worried the residents was the possible construction of an environmentally harmful enterprise in Biarozauka — the second shop at the glass-wool factory.

“Of the two evils — the coronavirus infection and Lukashenka’s new term of five years — people are less afraid of the former, because they understand that the dictatorship’s consequences can be much worse, including for their health and lives,” said the MFF Chairman, summing up the results of the day.

According to him, a clear example of this is the launch of the battery plant in Brest, the launch of the Belarusian NPP, and the operation of the glass-wool shop, all of which are environmentally hazardous enterprises. “The authorities completely disregard the opinion of local residents and the entire Belarusian people. There is no transparency, no accurate information on emissions from these enterprises, and there is no confidence that the nuclear power plant will work properly,” thinks Hubarevich.

According to the politician, the authorities are guided by immediate economic benefits or some other interests — therefore, such authorities need to be changed. “People understand this, as well, that’s why the pickets by independent candidates gather so many participants,” said Hubarevich.

The MFF Chairman also noted that pickets under white-red-white flags attract much more attention from voters and constant queues than the pickets by those candidates who attempt to declare neutrality. “It means that Belarusians associate the white-red-white flag with an alternative,” stressed the politician.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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