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Hubarevich holds an anti-picket near the Ministry of Public Health

Hubarevich holds an anti-picket near the Ministry of Public Health

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Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuri Hubarevich held a picket near the Ministry of Public Health as part of his election campaign. An appeal was presented at the picket with demands to fully inform people about the coronavirus situation and to take proper measures to combat the disease.

“All possible rights of citizens have been restricted in Belarus for more than two decades, and now this is true even about the right to health and life. If people in Belarus do not have the opportunity to receive timely and reliable information from the Ministry of Public Health, they are not protected from the coronavirus epidemic,” told Hubarevich to journalists.

According to him, the period of collecting signatures is the time when — albeit under the control of security services — one can freely set up information pickets within the law.

Hubarevich explained that today’s picket draws attention to the incompleteness of information about the coronavirus, the fact that people do not believe the data provided by the official authorities, and that the epidemic situation remains critical and does not improve. “Belarus is among the leaders in Europe by the proportion of COVID-19 cases. This should not be so,” said the politician.

“Maybe, citizens mean nothing to you, but we see that people want to express their dissatisfaction, and in this situation the regime is unlikely to survive after August 9. We will all still be living in this country, and it is important for us that Belarusians are healthy and not get infected with the coronavirus,” said Hubarevich, addressing the Ministry of Health officials during the picket.

The politician believes that if the top leadership of the country does not want to be responsible for this, at least the respective ministry should be. “If we do not demand respect from officials for ourselves and our health, no one will do this for us,” said Hubarevich.

According to the MFF Chairman, the way the picket was conducted today is the way all events within the election campaign should be conducted. “The danger remains. Contenders need to equip their groups as much as possible,” he added.

The petition submitted to the Ministry of Public Health notes that Yuri Hubarevich, as a presidential candidate, advocates regular briefings by the Ministry leadership where coronavirus statistics should be announced, including by regions and hospitals, a moratorium on all mass events involving 50 people or more, postponing university entrance exams for the period after August 1, and measures for the safe use of public transport.

He also advocates bringing back the prices for masks and sanitizers to the level before the epidemic, organizing a system of rapid coronavirus tests, and postponing the presidential election to the time after the epidemic.

“I demand that the Ministry of Public Health finally works out proper measures to combat coronavirus infection, considering the successful experience of other countries, and recommends them to the executive branch,” concluded Hubarevich.

The MFF Chairman announced a picket near the Belarusian NPP on June 4.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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