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An initiative group is registered to nominate Hubarevich for the presidency

An initiative group is registered to nominate Hubarevich for the presidency

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The initiative group to nominate the Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuri Hubarevich as a presidential candidate has been registered at today’s meeting of the Central Election Commission.

“The period of collecting signatures is scheduled at the height of the epidemic, when no one in their right mind will send signature collectors to visit people’s apartments. We also must take into account the reaction of people who are unlikely to open their doors. In such a situation, only Lukashenka is the gainer, because using the administrative resources, he can collect or just ‘draw’ any number of signatures,” said Yuri Hubarevich about his plans for the campaign.

He believes that the rest of the candidates will have to go through a fine sieve of loyalty tests: their names will appear in the ballot only if they are included in the list of spoiler candidates or sparring candidates.

“There is only one way out today — postponing the election until after the epidemic. This will restore more or less equal conditions for the time of collecting signatures and some competition during the campaign and observation, as well as return the minimum rights to election observers,” said the politician.

Hubarevich plans to hold information pickets in Minsk and other major Belarusian cities together with his initiative group and other participants of the oppositional primaries. Personal protection means will be used at the pickets at all times. The plans may be adjusted depending on the general situation in Belarus.

“Our common position is that election during the pandemic is a crime,” concluded the MFF Chairman.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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