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The Outcome of Two Stages of Opposition Primaries

The Outcome of Two Stages of Opposition Primaries

Voting for the common opposition candidate has ended on the Web-site Here is the general summary of online and offline voting procedures.

The second stage of primaries on determining the common opposition candidate for the Presidential election campaign-2020 came to an end on April 30, 2020.

It started in the format of online voting for three candidates, including Yury Hubarevich, the Chairperson of Movement ‘For Freedom’, a Christian Democrat Volha Kavalkova, and the Acting Chairperson of United Civil Party Mikalay Kazlou, on the Web-site on March 27, 2020. The voting results of the second stage of primaries were as follows: Mikalay Kazlou got 39.8% (1774 votes), Yury Hubarevich got 36.12% (1610 votes), Volha Kavalkova got 24.07% (1073 votes). A special audit of online voting results will be conducted in the coming weeks. Consequently, the final results will be presented at the end of May 2020.

The digital voting was preceded by the first stage of primaries in the format of People’s Voting, during local residents’ meetings in the Belarusian regional cities and towns. The nominees for the status of the common opposition candidate spoke to people and answered their questions. Consequently, there was arranged ‘live’ voting with casting ballots in a transparent box and public counting of votes afterwards.

Subject to the rapidly unrolling epidemic of COVID-19 in Belarus, it became possible to hold offline meetings only in 13 cities and towns of Vitsiebsk and Brest regions instead of 56 urban settlements across the country. Following the first stage of the primaries, the votes were distributed as follows:

Yury Hubarevich — 73.59% (248 votes), Mikalay Kazlou — 18.1% (61 votes), and Volha Kavalkova — 8.31% (28 votes). The final results of the first stage of voting will be summarized after May 15, 2020, when the offline voting has to be complete in accordance with the Agreement on the Primaries Procedure.

According to the Agreement, which was co-signed by the primaries participants, the results of each stage of primaries are transferred to 30 points. Thus, according to the Agreement, the first stage of primaries in the format of People’s Voting during regional meetings had the following outcome: Yury Hubarevich got 22.08 points, Mikalay Kazlou got 5.43 points, and Volha Kavalkova got 2.49 points.

The second stage of primaries in the format of online voting had the following outcome: Mikalay Kazlou got 11.94 points, Yury Hubarevich got 10.84 points, and Volha Kavalkova got 7.22 points.

Taking into account the total number of points for two stages of primaries, the first leading position with 32.91 points is held by Yury Hubarevich, the second position is occupied by Mikalay Kazlou with 17.37 points, and the third position is held by Volha Kavalkova with 9.71 points.

The opposition primaries participants confirm strict implementation of procedures in line with the reached agreements and plan to take a consensus decision about the third stage in near future. According to the Agreement, it was planned to conduct a Congress until May 31, 2020. Correspondingly, 100 delegates had to be nominated by each structure, which takes part in the primaries procedure. It was planned to distribute 30 more points among the primaries participants as a result of a secret ballot during the Congress. However, its implementation is still questionable subject to the tense situation with COVID-19. Therefore, the final decision about the acceptable format of the Congress will be taken till the end of May 2020.

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