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A picket is held in Biarozauka against the construction of a new glass wool workshop

A picket is held in Biarozauka against the construction of a new glass wool workshop

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MFF Hrodna Region Coordinator Vitold Ashurak made a picket near Nioman factory with a poster reading ‘Glass wool is our Chornobyl’.

“Despite the fact that there is already one glass wool workshop in Biarozauka, which creates certain environmental problems, Lukashenka during his last visit here gave an order to build another one. My picket is directed against this harmful manufacture,” said Ashurak.

The picket lasted for about 15 minutes. Police were summoned to the factory, but they did not interfere with the picket and did not take away the poster, which was left near the factory for 40 minutes. Passers-by expressed their support, and a number of motorcars honked.

Vitold Ashurak considered the picket successful. “People passing by expressed their sincere support,” said the Movement For Freedom (MFF) activist, adding that he is looking forward to an even wider outburst.

The politician emphasized that this picket can help people part with their illusions: “Today, there is no point in sending letters or appealing to higher authorities and to Lukashenka, because it was he who ordered to build this workshop.”

“We have no one else to rely on but ourselves — it is only we who can protect us. Therefore, this picket is a call for protest, a model of civilized protest. This is only the beginning — there are many variants of protest in our arsenal, which we will use in full,” promised Ashurak.

The regional coordinator emphasized that glass wool is a real Chornobyl for Biarozauka.

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    Трэба пазычыць у Вітальда вызначэньне. Шкловата ва уладзе - праблема усей Беларусі.

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