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EPP supports the nomination procedure of a united oppositional candidate in Belarus

EPP supports the nomination procedure of a united oppositional candidate in Belarus

The European People’s Party expressed their support for the Centre-Right Coalition and the nomination procedure of a united oppositional candidate in Belarus.

The EPP highly appreciates the unity and cooperation that the Movement For Freedom (MFF), the United Civil Party (UCP), and the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) party have demonstrated over the last several years, noted EPP Chairman Donald Tusk in a special letter.

“Despite the unfavourable conditions, you were able to reach out to the citizens and present strong messages based on our common European values,” wrote the European politician.

He thinks it is important to hold on to unity, especially in the face of the challenges such as the presidential elections that were never free and fair (the 2020 elections will be no exception), the threats on the part of Russia, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The successful completion of the nomination procedure of a united presidential candidate by the opposition, and that candidate’s strong subsequent support by democratic forces during the electoral campaign, would be the first decisive victory for democracy vis-a-vis the regime,” said Tusk.

He emphasized that only a consolidated and functioning opposition can present a real alternative to the Belarusian people.

In his turn, he promised that Belarus would remain important for the EPP and Europe.

“The EPP’s support is important to us, and we are grateful that — even in such an unfavourable time in the EU countries — EU leaders find time to monitor developments in Belarus and provide assistance to all their partners,” said MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich, commenting on the letter.

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