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Hubarevich: We could demand the postponement of the elections due to the coronavirus situation

Hubarevich: We could demand the postponement of the elections due to the coronavirus situation

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In the situation that unfolds with the spread of the coronavirus, there may be a need to postpone the presidential election to a later date, said the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Chairman Yuri Hubarevich, commenting on the situation.

“It may be that the coronavirus situation will develop in such a way that Aliaksandr Lukashenka will have to withdraw from holding the elections in due time. Yarmoshina [Central Election Commission head], who cannot be denied loyalty to Lukashenka, said that the powers of the incumbent head of state shall be in effect until November 6. Starting on November 7, he will become an ordinary Belarusian citizen, who will have to vacate his 18 residences, collect his hockey sticks and pucks, and retire,” said Hubarevich in his stream, commenting on the situation with preparations for the presidential election and the coronavirus.

The politician says that the Constitution allows Lukashenka to run for another term. “However, he can run for president only as an ordinary citizen, and not as an incumbent president, the head of state, who controls all processes, gives orders to security forces, election commissions and the vertical on how to falsify these elections,” thinks the MFF Chairman.

Under Article 89 of the Constitution, upon termination of the powers of the incumbent president his powers shall pass to Prime Minister Siarhey Rumas.

“We will keep track of the situation — if the measures taken by the current leadership are insufficient, and the epidemic expands, a specific decision on the postponement of the election date will have to be taken in a month,” says Yuri Hubarevich.

In particular, he described the election campaign activities which are impossible today: “It is impossible to form commissions, collect signatures, visit people’s apartments — no one will open their door to a stranger amid the coronavirus, or put up pickets — no one will approach them.”

“The Belarusian election campaign imposes a lot of restrictions anyway on everyone but the incumbent head of state, and becomes a falsehood even at the first stage. These will be unequal conditions. It would be logical to postpone the elections for the end of the year,” said Hubarevich.

The politician added: “We will appeal to all Belarusians.”

“I am convinced that there are at least one million of those who would like Lukashenka not to take part in the elections at all or at least not to take part as the head of state. This is a legal possibility,” concluded the MFF Chairman.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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