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Assistance Map is launched in Belarus

Assistance Map is launched in Belarus

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The Assistance Map will accumulate the contacts of those who are willing to help during the pandemic and those who need such help and assistance, said the map’s creator, the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Brest Region Coordinator Yuras Kazakevich.

“Due to the epidemic, difficult times are coming, and no matter how well ‘the state for life’ takes care of us, we need to take care about ourselves — first and foremost about the old, poor, just weak people, and, of course, physicians — people who are at the forefront,” said Kazakevich.

According to him, an interactive Google map titled ‘Assistance Map’ was created to coordinate grassroots initiatives and mutual assistance of Belarusians. It already has — and will have more — contacts of people and organizations in need of assistance, as well as the contacts of those who can help them.

The Assistance Map is available here.

“There is little solidarity in ordinary days, but many people are still responsive and willing to help. An example is good fundraising on different platforms, and this is only the beginning of events,” said Kazakevich.

According to him, the MFF intends to appeal not only to everyone on the whole, but to specific people as well, such as owners of pizzerias, pharmacies, etc., and to those who can, for example, provide money for fuel for the cars to make deliveries.

“Many people will be impoverished as a result of the crisis during the pandemic (there are such people even now and more ‘are coming’) — the issue with them is really hard. They can hardly count on assistance, because by appearance they are completely healthy people. If the state, however, does not react in time, it may well get a crowd of angry and hungry people on the steps of city administrations,” thinks the MFF Regional Coordinator.

Then, the solidarity in the issues of survival may well develop into solidarity of social and political nature, added Kazakevich. “In the meantime, we are organizing mutual assistance in the matters such as making masks, delivery of medicines and food, dog walking, etc. It’s time to set new goals. In general, I still believe in us, Belarusians,” concluded the activist.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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