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The Popular Vote is open to all citizens of Belarus

The Popular Vote is open to all citizens of Belarus

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A comment of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) about allegations of the support organized by the regime of the candidate at the Popular Vote (the primaries), MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich.

Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) party Paval Seviarinets and Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) party Aliaksey Yanukevich stopped participating in the primaries procedure on March 16 and March 17, respectively. Several investigations were published over this time, which have questionable quality and conclusions.

In this regard, we have to state the following:

1. The MFF believes that voting by officials was a hybrid attack on the primaries. We believe that they came to a vote on purpose — so that local activists recognized them, which could provoke a conflict among the participants of the Popular Vote.

2. Neither the MFF nor Yuri Hubarevich personally invited any officials or activists of pro-government organizations to the meeting, nor were there any agreements on such actions with them.

3. The possibility of such a situation was created by the openness of the Popular Vote procedure for all Belarusian citizens. We believe that mass participation of supporters of change in the primaries is the only democratic mechanism to effectively counter such actions. The MFF calls to join the active participation in online voting, which will be announced by the organizers in the coming days, and in regional meetings after they are resumed when the situation with coronavirus stabilizes.

4. We regret that some of our coalition partners, when confronted with the first difficulties, did not choose the path to overcome them, but left the procedure to elect a single candidate from the united opposition.

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  • #1018 21.03.2020 19:10 @ [ нет имени ]

    Прэтэндэнту на ролю адзінага кандыдата ад апазіцыі патрэбна ня толькі быць лідарам той самай апазіцыі, але і намагацца стаць лідарам для простага народа. Дрэнна што Паўла так просто змаглі перамагчы. Так, менавіта перамагчы. Народ зараз ня верыць у поспех апазіцыі, шмат хто з саміх прадстаўнікоў апазіцыі ў рэгіёнах не верыць у перамогу без аб'яднання. Улады гэта добра ведаюць і намагаюцца перашкодзіць з'яўленню адзінага кандыдата. І ім ня важна хто стане адзіным, для іх галоўнае каб яго не было.

  • #1019 25.03.2020 20:04 @ Леанід

    Спачатку трэба зразумець, што праймерыз і народнае галасаванне гэта ЗУСІМ розныя паняцці. І не варта вожыка з вужакай злучаць. Але гэтая супрацьлегласць не бянтэжыць арганізатараў галасавання ў рэгіёнах. Больш канфліктаў, то весялей?.. А далей што??.. Знікненне.

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