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Elisabet Lann: There is frustration about the distance between the authorities in Sweden and in Belarus

Elisabet Lann: There is frustration about the distance between the authorities in Sweden and in Belarus

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Representatives of democratic organizations and Vice Mayor of Gothenburg Elisabet Lann discussed in Mahiliou the work of political coalitions in Belarus and in Sweden. The meeting was organized by the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Regional Coordinator Piotr Mihurski.

In addition, the participants raised the issue of electing a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich described the primaries procedure. Elisabet Lann emphasized the importance of electing a single candidate to attract attention of the international community to Belarus.

The results of the visit to Belarus

“In Belarus, people struggle to be heard by the authorities, while in Sweden, people struggle to be elected as candidates,” told Elisabet Lann to, sharing her impressions of the visit to Belarus and of the differences she saw between the two countries.

According to her, each representative in the Swedish local governments has responsibility, and if they fail this responsibility, they won’t be elected anywhere. “In Belarus, there seems to be a circle of people who got the power for nothing, while the others are trying to reach out to them,” said the politician.

She praised the international round table conference titled ‘Sweden vs. Belarus: Participation of Citizens in Decision Making at Local Level’, which was held in Minsk. “It was very interesting and exciting. Concerned people gathered in the meeting room who wanted to influence something. There is, though, frustration about the distance between the authorities in Sweden and in Belarus,” said Elisabet Lann.

She said that politicians in Sweden feel very uncomfortable before the people who elected them, feel responsible, and are very worried that they might not be elected next time. “People have the power to influence politicians — at least in Sweden. They can take to the streets,” said Elisabet Lann.

At the same time, the Vice Mayor thinks that Belarusians don’t have too much to learn from the Swedes. “Belarusians have motivation, desire, and ideas. The only problem is that the existing system of power doesn’t allow implementing them. Apart from this, Belarusians have everything needed,” concluded the Swedish politician.

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