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“A successful format, which combined both the analysis of work done and planning for the future” — a large MFF forum takes place

“A successful format, which combined both the analysis of work done and planning for the future” — a large MFF forum takes place

A three-day forum of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) gathered over 50 people near Minsk. The participants summed up the past year and made strategic plans for the next year.

The forum began with summing up the results of work done in 2019. The participants were addressed by the MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich, his deputies, some of the regional coordinators, sections managers, and the MFF Youth coordinator. Everyone present had the opportunity to share their opinions.

The second day was devoted to planning. Discussed were the organization’s development, women’s and youth leadership, cultural and electoral campaigns, as well as the organization’s informational and political positioning. In addition, the most active MFF members in 2019 were awarded diplomas.

“We chose a successful format, which combined both the analysis of work done and planning for the future. The forum was attended by representatives of the youth, women, former candidates at the parliamentary election campaign, observers, and activists fighting for the solution of local problems,” said MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich.

He noted that, despite such multipurpose agenda, the participants were united by a single cause — the democratic change in Belarus and building an independent and a pro-European country.

“We recognize that we cannot always influence the things the Belarusian authorities are doing, but working with the citizens is what we can do and what we are doing successfully. After all, it is not the authoritarian regime that should decide what country we should live in,” said Hubarevich.

The MFF leader is satisfied with the forum’s outcome. “This is an excellent work of a tight-knit team. Together, we have created a good foundation for the next year — the MFF is prepared now,” concluded Hubarevich.

“It was very important to meet after the parliamentary election campaign to assess the results. This was facilitated by a combination of formal and informal formats. We have heard the views of activists from different regions, were able to get feedback, and enhanced the horizontal communication,” said Deputy Chairman Viktar Yanchurevich.

“It was a useful event. We were able to evaluate the work of the MFF, find our weak points, and discuss ways to strengthen them. Also, it was interesting to talk about the current political situation in the country and worldwide, and to hear the opinions of our colleagues,” said MFF activist from Brest Liudmila Zakharanka.

“And, surely,” she adds, “meeting with one’s friends always invigorates you and gives you a lot of positive emotions.”

“I’m still fascinated! At the forum, I both met my old friends and got to know new interesting, talented people. We have summed up the past year: we shared our impressions about the election campaign, were glad about the successful things, and discussed what we can do even better,” said MFF Youth member Nastassia Kirik.

According to her, the atmosphere was pleasing — it had a working climate but, and at the same time, it was easy and relaxed.

“It’s great that we were offered to choose the topics we are interested in — for example, I was involved in the discussions of women’s and youth leadership under the direction of mentor Valiarina Kustava. She started to ask us the right questions, and it soon became clear, what aspects we should pay attention to and improve,” said the activist.

Of course, she adds, there will be a lot of work in the next year, and “we, the MFF’s youth wing, decided to get together more often to inspire each other, share ideas for the future, and analyze the steps already taken.” “The presidential election is ahead, and it depends on us whether it will be another disappointment or a chance for a new page in our country’s history. Long live Belarus!” concludes Kirik.

“The forum means new people, new communication. There’s a feeling that a lot of educated and motivated people have not left the country against all the odds — and these are people of all ages,” said MFF activist from Minsk Viachaslau Viazmin.

According to him, “organizing such events is a troublesome business, but it’s necessary to do this in order to strengthen the relationships within the MFF, so that people know what to expect in the future, and so that the country’s active people do not feel left alone with their views, thoughts, and reflections.”

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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