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Tinder for voters. Illia Dabratvor

Tinder for voters. Illia Dabratvor

38 years old, self-employed entrepreneur, member of the Movement For Freedom (MFF).

 What good have you done for the people in your present position?

— I wouldn’t put myself in the first place; we are doing it together. We launched a new bus route recently. I’m helping Kalodzishchi to develop, I’m helping people who address me if I can — sometimes it is consultations, sometimes it is advice. Well, I fight for the independence of Belarus the way I can.

— Do you believe that you will be elected deputy, and not simply appointed by the regime?

— I never call to vote. I hope that I win, and the authorities make an exception and acknowledge my victory. The last time I ran for deputy, they reduced my votes down to 20%. But, in fact, I won in my constituency. I’m running for deputy with the following proposition to the authorities — let’s count the votes, I am willing to lose, if the vote count is transparent.

— How will the life of your neighbour improve if you become deputy?

— One of my neighbours is a businessmen. Probably, guarantees will appear that we will have the rule of law, and he won’t be sent to prison unjustly as a businessman.

— Does Belarus need to integrate with Russia?

— Surely, no. Those who travel to Russia can see this with their own eyes. In Russia, we will live worse than Yaroslavl region or Vologda region. One just needs to look at their poverty. I’m not saying that the European Union is the best solution, but it is a lesser evil than Russia.

— What will you do to spread the Belarusian language?

— First of all, I will show by my own example that we should speak Belarusian. I spoke Belarusian at the debate. There is nothing more to do except show one’s own example.

Considering the current threat to the independence, the language issue is secondary now. I don’t want to speak Belarusian, but be a part of Russia.

— Is it necessary to hold a gay pride parade in Belarus?

— I think local authorities should decide on this. It doesn’t interfere with me in any way. If I’m not advocating this, I simply won’t go there. Democracy means a level playing field for all, so why should there be exceptions? They talk about family values, but they suffer much because of alcohol, for example.

But I think that this is of little interest to common people. It won’t influence anything.

— Can children be punished physically?

— I’ve decided for myself that this is not right. Some other punishments can be used. We are now living at a time when such tool as a mobile phone appeared. Why use physical violence when you can take away the phone?

— Should death penalty be abolished?

— We do not give live to humans, and it is not for us to take it away. Like it or not, there should be no death penalty. The problem is even bigger as we are making murderers of those who perform such sentences. In fact, we are committing mass crime because it involves security officers, prosecutors, and judges. What’s more, if death penalty is abolished, the possibility of error will be eliminated.

— Are you confident in the security of the Belarusian NPP?

— No one can feel safe in our country. Business does not feel safe, neither do the officials or ordinary citizens. Against the background of this general neurosis, the Astravets NPP does not look like a pressing need. Normal ecoactivism has not yet been developed in Belarus, and environmental issued are not solved efficiently.

For example, the ‘Green’ Party has put forward only a few candidates at the elections. We cannot put this issue at the forefront now. We can only pray to God that all this doesn’t explode.

— Do you want to become the president of Belarus?

— To run for president, you need a good team. The next president after Lukashenka will be the most unpopular person in the country. I’m probably not ready for this right now.


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