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A warning is issued to Volha Damaskina

A warning is issued to Volha Damaskina

A candidate from the Movement For Freedom (MFF) in Navapolatsk was summoned to the constituency election commission on Tuesday, where a warning was issued to her for alleged illegal campaigning.

According to Volha Damaskina, the claim against her was associated with her electoral poster.

“A picket in support of political prisoners was held more than a week ago in Navapolatsk. The poster read ‘Down with the Dictatorship of Fear!’ — the local police, apparently, didn’t like this slogan along with the [real national] white-red-white flags. However, the claim (denunciation) from the police was filed only on Monday after a large picket with the participation of the MFF leadership was held. The warning was issued the next day. I think this is a warning for my activity and for the fact that Navapolatsk residents consider me a strong candidate. The commission has not yet produced a decision — most likely so that I have no time to file a complaint,” says Damaskina.

“Also, it is absurd they attributed the phrase ‘Down with the Dictatorship of Fear!’ to Article 47 of the Electoral Code. I’d like to know which item it fits,” wonders Damaskina, “if they mean a call to change the constitutional system, it appears the authorities acknowledge themselves as a ‘dictatorship of fear’.”

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