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MFF leader supports candidate Simankovich at a picket in Vitsebsk

MFF leader supports candidate Simankovich at a picket in Vitsebsk

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Member of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Uladzimir Simankovich is nominated as a candidate for deputy at No. 19 Vitsebsk Chihunachni constituency. MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich came to Vitsebsk on Sunday, November 3 to support him. Hubarevich made a speech on the same day in Navapolatsk at a campaign picket arranged by MFF activist Volha Damaskina.

In his speech at the picket, Hubarevich said that the MFF thinks the development of Belarus is only possible if free, democratic, and transparent elections are returned. City authorities, regional authorities, and the Parliament should be elected by the people. If “the people’s servants” are elected in free and democratic elections, they would be responsible directly to their voters and not to those who appoint them now at the “high offices”.

Hubarevich thinks that the twenty-five years of iron hand showed that it is impossible to bring the country out of crisis by such methods. Up to now, the regime didn’t even manage to achieve the “Belarusian dream” about a $500 average salary.

“To meet the challenges of the time, our army should be reformed and become professional. As we are living in a dangerous environment of our aggressive eastern neighbour, Belarus should remain neutral as declared in the Constitution. This means we should get out of any military unions. The boots of foreign military should not trample the Belarusian land, and all military installations, which do not belong to our country, should be thrown out of Belarus,” Hubarevich told Vitsebsk residents.

He also spoke about reforming the system of international relations, where there is a high dependence on the eastern neighbour, which indicates a lack of independence of Belarus. Belarusians need sovereignty in this area, as well.

The MFF head noted that, in his work, Uladzimir Simankovich will draw upon the previously developed MFF programme titled ‘Eight Steps to a Better Belarus’. This programme provides not only for the reform of the Belarusian economy, but also of the whole way of life in different areas of the state and society.

“I came from Navapolatsk, where I held a picket today as a candidate for deputy. I run for deputy at No. 24 Navapolatsk constituency. By my presence here, I want to express my support for the MFF Vitsebsk activists and for Uladzimir Simankovich, in the first place,” said MFF Vitsebsk region Coordinator Volha Damaskina.

Among the few curious that have approached the picket were mostly young people.

A ‘veteran’ voter explained that over 25 years people got used to the fact that voting results do not depend on their opinions or positions. Hence, apathy and indifference.

The picket was observed by the OSCE representatives from Russia and Czechia.

S. Horki, photos by the author


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