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Maladzechna Newspaper “suggested” censoring a candidate’s programme for it will come to no good

Maladzechna Newspaper “suggested” censoring a candidate’s programme for it will come to no good

Chief editor of Maladzechna Newspaper Vital Krupiankou “suggested” candidate for deputy Valiantsin Tsishko removes the first sentence of the Movement For Freedom’s (MFF) programme, which states about the absence of democracy and free elections in Belarus.

According to Valiantsin Tsishko, he has known this newspaper’s chief editor for a long time and thinks this is just excessive caution on Krupiankou’s part. The chief editor had no claims to the candidate’s test and only had remarks to the MFF’s programme. Therefore, the candidate accepted a compromise with the publication and adopted the changes so that voters could read the other clauses of the MFF’s programme.

Publication of the MFF’s programme and that of candidate Valiantsin Tsishko in Maladzechna Newspaper is scheduled for Wednesday, October 30. Maladzechna District Administration and Maladzechna District Council of Deputies are the newspaper’s founders.

Below is the text of the MFF’s programme together with the removed piece, which Maladzechna voters will not see in their local newspaper:

“We are heavily dependent on Russia, and the dialogue with the West is unstable. The Movement For Freedom (MFF), in the context of current threats to the sovereignty, stands for an unconditionally independent Belarus and calls for defending our independence by all means allowed by the Constitution.

Eight Steps for a New Belarus. The Vision of the Movement For Freedom

A parliamentary presidential republic. Belarus needs free, democratic, and transparent elections. We advocate the adoption of a new Constitution, which would enshrine a parliamentary presidential form of government and restore the real separation of powers, the independence of the legislature, and an effective parliamentary control over the government.

Creating local self-government instead of the “presidential power vertical”. Our proposal is an autonomous local self-government and the replacement of the “presidential power vertical” with the electable heads of local authorities. Public hearings should not merely inform citizens but should enable them to participate in decision-making.

Fair trial. A judicial system should be established in Belarus free from political pressure, judges should be competent and enjoy confidence of the citizens, and sentences must be motivated, justified, lawful, and fair.

A new national security system: the army under public control and based on Belarusian history. Belarus should become a truly neutral country, which requires leaving the Collective Security Treaty Organization military alliance and withdrawing foreign military installations. The MFF is opposed to the so-called “Army Service Postponement Law”.

Belarus’s path to the Euro-Atlantic community. The strategic goal is to transform our country into a real subject of international relations, with relations built on the grounds of expediency and compliance with our national interests.

Transition from the remnants of the command economy to the free market. Market liberalization should take place in Belarus, institutions of an open market economy should be created, and the right of private ownership to land should be restored.

High-quality humane healthcare. Financing of the healthcare industry should be improved, the Belarusian healthcare system should adopt the insurance model, and European standards should be adopted as a basis for treatment.

A new education system for the European future. The education system should prepare students for future life, mandatory job placement of university and college graduates should be abolished, and education institutions should become national and, at the same time, be included in the European space.

A vote for the candidates who are nominated with the Movement For Freedom’s support is the voice for an independent, democratic, and European Belarus!"

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