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22 candidates from the MFF. Who was registered?

22 candidates from the MFF. Who was registered?

Only 22 of the 52 contenders for candidates were officially registered.

This year, members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) were nominated in three different ways — by collecting signatures, through party nomination, and through the MFF itself as an NGO.

Unfortunately, the regime uses nomination by collecting signatures for squeezing out strong candidates. This is how most candidates were denied registration, including MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich and his deputy Viktar Yanchurevich, as well as MFF Council member Raman Kisliak, who was nominated as part of the team standing against the construction of a battery factory in Brest. (1,400 signatures were collected in his support.) Partisan nominees allegedly had inaccuracies in their declarations, while nominees from the MFF as an NGO were denied registration with reference to the Election Code, ignoring the fact that the Constitution takes precedence over any laws and decrees, and Articles 5, 69, and 137 of the Constitution show that not only political parties but also NGOs have the right to nominate their candidates.

Who was eventually registered?

The following MFF members became candidates for deputies:

1. Malashchanka Tatsiana, No. 2 Baranavichi constituency

2. Ilyinets Aliaksandr, No. 17 Vitsebsk constituency

3. Haurutsikau Aliaksey, No. 18 Vitsebsk constituency

4. Simankovich Uladzimir, No. 19 Vitsebsk constituency

5. Shchamliou Aliaksandr, No. 21 Haradok constituency

6. Damaskina Volha, No. 24 Navapolatsk constituency

7. Katsora Uladzimir, No. 32 Homel constituency

8. Niapomniashchykh Uladzimir, No. 33 Homel constituency

9. Hrishanovich Yahor, No. 35 Homel constituency

10. Kayan Halina, No. 40 Zhlobin constituency

11. Dudkin Yauhen, No. 50 Hrodna constituency

12. Ashurak Vitold, No. 56 Nioman constituency

13. Kruk Ivan, No. 59 Smarhon constituency

14. Tsishko Valiantsin, No. 72 Maladzechna constituency

15. Dabratvor Illia, No. 75 Lahoysk constituency

16. Yurkou Andrey, No. 82 Horki constituency

17. Karankevich Valer, No. 83 Krichau constituency

18. Hlushkou Yauhen, No. 84 Mahiliou constituency

19. Tishkavets Siarhey, No. 85 Mahiliou constituency

20. Miatselitsa Mikalay, No. 90 Shklou constituency

21. Shambalava Tatsiana, No. 90 Shklou constituency

22. Shashok Stanislau, No. 99 South-Western constituency

The following MFF members were denied registration:

Hubarevich Yuri

Yanchurevich Viktar

Kisliak Raman

Rusevich Aliaksandr

Yaumenenka Ina

Pantus Siarhey

Turchaniak Dzianis

Vakulenka Siarhey

Hundar Uladzimir

Kozik Aleh

Ramanovich Aliaksandr

Radkevich Alena

Kuchinskaya Alena

Famina Alena

Sliapukhin Valer

Amialkovich Vital

Filen Aleh

Kushniarou Andrey

Mihurski Piotr

Mudri Zmitser

Lakotak Vital

Klikunou Andrey

Mikhalevich Alena

Dashchinski Dzianis

Viazmin Viachaslau

Shila Uladzimir

Tabolich Viktoriya

Kazakevich Yuri

Zhaliapau Khristafor

Mikhalevich Aliaksey

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