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Almost all MFF nominees in Minsk are not registered

Almost all MFF nominees in Minsk are not registered

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Non-registered candidates include Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuri Hubarevich and his deputy Viktar Yanchurevich who were nominated by collecting signatures.

A constituency commission considered part of the signatures invalid.

The meeting of No. 107 Uskhodniaya constituency election commission, where Hubarevich was nominated, was held on October 17. During the consideration, committee members announced that invalid signatures were found “based on various grounds of the Electoral Code.” The specific grounds, however, were not announced.

“By this refusal, the Central Election Commission has cut its own throat, giving me the opportunity to speak on television as a trustee of a dozen of the MFF candidates,” comments the MFF leader on the refusal.

Hubarevich considers the refusal to register other MFF candidates a total sweeping purge.

The regime uses nomination by collecting signatures to squeeze out strong candidates.

No. 110 Partizanskaya constituency election commission invalidated 68 signatures for Viktar Yanchurevich. As the candidate tells, main claims include mismatched passport numbers, which may be a technical error, and registration addresses.

“All the candidates who were nominated by collecting signatures were denied registration in this constituency except a pro-regime candidate, who was additionally nominated from a workers’ association. Signatures provide a basis to eliminate unwanted candidates. However, it is the collection of signatures that involves direct communication with people, which demonstrates the trust and support among voters,” comments MFF Deputy Chairman on the commission’s decision.

MFF Council member Raman Kisliak, who was nominated in No. 2 Brest Tsentralnaya constituency as part of the team standing against the construction of a battery factory in Brest, was not registered as a candidate, as well. 1,400 signatures were submitted in his support.

According to him, the election commission found invalid signatures and considered yellow caps and flags with the inscription ‘Live!’ to be campaigning.

“The authorities are afraid of our activity and the fact that we stand out against the background of our competitors,” said Kisliak.

Errors in declarations

Several nominees were not registered due to errors in their declarations. A commission found a (very cheap legacy car) Zaporozhets allegedly belonging to MFF member Aliaksandr Rusevich who was nominated in No. 108 constituency; the car, however, was sold as long ago as back in the 1990’s.

“The cost of this car today is an absolutely insignificant part of my declaration. It is quite possible that this decision was taken by the regime, so that I no longer bother it,” said Rusevich.

“Pro-regime nominees were registered alright. In this case, by contrast, an inaccuracy in the declaration is used as a pretext — if there is an error, there is a basis not to register an independent candidate. And so, they didn’t,” commented MFF member Inna Yaumeyenka on the refusal to register her in No. 61 Biarezinakaya constituency.

MFF member Ivan Kruk, in fact, managed to fend off the election commission’s claims, and was registered as a candidate in No. 59 Smarhonskaya constituency.

“They told me I didn’t include my car. I asked them to show me information about this car. When I read the document, I saw the owner’s place of residence wasn’t included and the date of birth was completely different,” explains Kruk.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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