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The authorities refuse to include MFF representatives in precinct commissions

The authorities refuse to include MFF representatives in precinct commissions

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None of the nominated representatives of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) was included in precinct election commissions.

“We have nominated 44 persons in two constituencies in Minsk — No. 110 and No. 107 — where I and MFF Chairman Yury Hubarevich intend to run for deputy. No one was included,” was told by Viktar Yanchurevich, MFF Deputy Chairman and a potential candidate for deputy at No. 110 constituency.

According to him: “As a result, there will be no representatives from the MFF — so, we won’t be able to control the situation at the polling stations.”

“This situation suggests that the regime has no will or intent to change the practice of election campaigns and, most likely, there will be voter turnout rigging, and we won’t see a transparent and open counting of votes,” said Yanchurevich.

“The non-inclusion of our representatives is a violation of democratic principles,” said Illia Dabratvor, MFF Minsk Region Council member and a potential candidate for deputy at No. 75 constituency.

According to him, MFF representatives were not included in Minsk district election commissions, as well.

“Local authorities seem to have no idea of democracy. Maybe, they should take some educational courses,” suggested Dabratvor.

He thinks fear is another reason for the total non-inclusion of democrats. “If they weren’t afraid, they would include everyone,” believes Dabratvor.

He speaks very negatively about the process of formation of election commissions (he attended three sessions in Smaliavichi, Lahoysk, and Minsk district). “This is as good as a circus. And this is happening all over the country. They appoint people who ‘vote’ for the opposition — two or three persons. This is their game, with the scenario being the same everywhere,” concluded Dabratvor.

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