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Yury Hubarevich calling Henadz Davidzka out to debate

Yury Hubarevich calling Henadz Davidzka out to debate

Chairman of the pro-government fake NGO ‘Belaya Rus’ Henadz Davydzka said earlier that Hubarevich was trained in some, almost sabotage-aimed, foreign centres, and was later infiltrated in Belarus. He now agrees to meet at debates and allows for the possibility to withdraw his candidacy in favour of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Chairman.

I’m not a security service officer, so I haven’t studied his [Hubarevich’s] profile, and I don’t know who he works for, but if he sincerely wants to make my country prosperous and independent and does not only care about his political career, and if I see this, I will myself step down from my [candidate’s] office and will salute his election [to the parliament],” said Belaya Rus Chairman in an interview for TUT.BY portal.

“Why wait for the official registration? I offer Henadz Davidzka to meet on air at Euroradio moderated by Zmitser Lukashuk and debate right now. The debate would decide who will be the best candidate for our constituency. Belaya Rus can use the money, saved after Davidzka’s refusal to participate in the election, to improve the constituency. This will be their first real aid for the district residents,” retorted Yuri Hubarevich.

Yuri Hubarevich intends to nominate himself a candidate in No. 107 Eastern Constituency, which covers parts of two districts in Minsk.


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