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MFF to hold a candidates nomination conference

MFF to hold a candidates nomination conference

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The Movement For Freedom (MFF) Council decided to refer to the norm of the Constitution, which allows nominating candidates not only to parties and workers’ associations, but also to NGOs.

The issue was discussed at today’s Council meeting on a proposal from Council member Raman Kisliak.

In particular, he recalled the norms of Article 69 of the Constitution: “The right to nominate candidates for deputy shall be vested in non-governmental organizations, workers’ associations, and citizens in accordance with the law.” The Electoral Code, however, does not mention NGOs.

“The MFF may nominate candidates for deputies in accordance with the Constitution, but the Electoral Code does not provide for this! Most likely, the Central Election Committee will not register such candidates. However, we will raise the question of observance of the Constitution at the national level,” said Kisliak.

After the discussion, the MFF Council decided to hold a conference on September 28 to nominate candidates for deputies for the House of Representatives’ election.

“At a time when there has been an unofficial ban on the registration of new political parties for more than 20 years, we might obtain unexpected allies — not only among parties’ foundation organizing committees, but also in the pro-regime Belaya Rus association. Who knows — our initiative may lead to changes in the electoral law or finally unfreeze the situation of non-registration of parties,” commented MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich on this decision.

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