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Parliamentary campaign in Belarus: “Our goal is to bring back real elections.”

Parliamentary campaign in Belarus: “Our goal is to bring back real elections.”

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Statement of the Movement For Freedom’s (MFF) Council on the election campaign’s progress:

"The Belarusian authorities refused to reform the electoral law. In this situation, the MFF concludes that the election campaign will be held in Belarus according to the usual scenario, that is the elections will be neither competitive, nor democratic, nor transparent.

The authorities will take their first test as early as on September 2, when the results of selection to precinct election commissions will be announced. The MFF has nominated its representatives to all 110 precinct commissions and 7 territorial commissions. We believe that each of our candidates has the necessary competence to work in the election commissions. Traditionally, the percentage of inclusion of representatives of the opposition in the election commissions has been meagre. Based on the results of inclusion of our representatives, we will assess the authorities’ willingness to play by the rules.

The MFF continues working in order to bring back real elections in Belarus. For this, we have been involved in the drafting of the Electoral Code. The MFF considers an important part of this work is to participate in election observation within the framework of the Right of Choice campaign, which will allow registering ballot rigging and real voter turnout.

With the MFF’s support, politicians all across Belarus will be nominated as candidates for MPs, whose most important values ​​are democracy, independence, and the European choice of Belarus. Their main tasks will be to demonstrate a political alternative and to truly represent the interests of voters. Many of our candidates are constantly working with their constituency residents, so electoral victory is one of their goals — they might not get parliamentary mandates, but will have the unquestionable support of the voters.

The authorities have unlawfully restricted the possibilities for mass events by introducing fees for security and utility services. The electoral campaign is a rare opportunity to hold street protests for free. The MFF intends to take full advantage of this opportunity. Just like the messages of our partner candidates from the Centre-Right Coalition, our candidates’ messages — in addition to local problems — will include the issue of the protection of Belarus’s independence and the demand to hold free and fair elections in accordance with the OSCE standards.

The MFF intends to use the period of the parliamentary campaign of 2019 to form local teams and to subsequently support a single presidential candidate from the democratic forces."

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