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MFF members visit Katyn

MFF members visit Katyn

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Members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) visited Katyn on a Europe-wide Day of Remembrance for Victims of Nazism and Stalinism.

They have unfurled the national Belarusian white-red-white flags, lit candles, and remembered the soldiers who were executed in 1940 and Polish politicians who perished here in a plane crash.

“The MFF has been arranging trips to Katyn every year. Belarusians, who come here, are finding the names of inhabitants of Belarusian towns in the lists of the executed soldiers. Therefore, we also have a responsibility for this place,” said one of the trip organizers, MFF Council member Volha Bykouskaya.

“We visited Katyn where thousands of Polish officers were executed just because they have not betrayed their oath,” said a trip participant, MFF Council member Artsiom Liava.

MFF Shklou Coordinator Zmitser Antonchik arrived in Katyn for the first time. He said he was struck by the memorial. “It is here that you can feel the tragedy, which occurred to the Belarusian people during Stalin’s repressions,” said the activist.

“The tradition of visiting the gravesites of innocently killed near Smolensk is ten years old now. Unfortunately, however, every time we cannot say with certainty that those terrible events will always remain solely as a reminder of history and will never happen again,” said MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich.

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