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MFF representatives are nominated in 100% of election commissions

MFF representatives are nominated in 100% of election commissions

Today, the Movement For Freedom (MFF) began delivery of protocols of 110 of its nominees to constituency election commissions and 7 nominees to territorial election commissions. The commissions will be formed early next week.

The authorities have the possibility to hold transparent and democratic elections even without amending the electoral laws. To do this, equal representation must be ensured for all political subjects, in the first place.

Formation of commissions, both those that count the votes and those that decide on the registration of candidates and certify the election results, must be done with the participation of the opposition. The very way constituency election commissions are formed will largely determine the further course of the campaign. It was about this that MFF Chairman Yury Hubarevich talked about yesterday at a meeting with the OSCE ODIHR representatives.

The MFF nominated 48 representatives to constituency election commissions back at the 2016 parliamentary election campaign. None of them passed through the selection screen of local authorities.

Yury Hubarevich received a letter from Central Election Commission Chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshina a week ago. The CEC denies the MFF the right to appear in the statistical reporting on its website due to the “insignificant representation” of the MFF’s nominees.

“I am convinced that the reason here is different. By hiding the number of the nominated MFF representatives under the ‘Other NGOs’ row, the CEC hope they won’t have to explain to the international observers the fact that 100% of nominees of pro-government organizations get into commissions, while nearly zero nominees of independent organizations get there,” said Hubarevich.

The results of formation of commissions will be announced on September 2, but you can make your bets right now!

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