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The first session of ‘Women Power’ held in Minsk

The first session of ‘Women Power’ held in Minsk

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The Movement For Freedom (MFF) organized ‘Women Power’ leadership school in Minsk. Participants include future female candidates at the parliamentary election and local leaders.

The organizers say this school is a unique opportunity to improve one’s skills and enhance professional expertise, develop leadership skills, become more efficient, confident, convincing, and successful — and eventually, implement ambitious plans for the benefit of Belarus.

“The MFF is an organization that is committed to European values. Therefore, equality — that is the same attitude to everyone — is one of our main values,” said organization chairman Yuri Hubarevich.

The MFF leader criticizes the current parliament’s gender quota approach, but offers to expand the opportunities to acquire knowledge and competencies in the organization that would enable women to successfully participate in elections within the MFF and during electoral campaigns.

School organizer Valiarina Kustava says: “I have always felt that we are short of women in politics, and it has always seemed to me that there is a very strong woman behind every man who became President or an MP. In fact, they could easily be on their places. However, it is not accepted in this country. Our custom is to be a deputy woman in every sense of the word — to solve most of the conceptual, ideological, and supportive issues behind the man, and help him in this way.”

According to her, she has very high hopes and expectations for each of the participants. “I was developing this course as if for myself. It is unique in that we have such speakers who cover all the areas which Belarusian women leaders lack expertise in,” says Kustava.

At the first school session, which lasted two days, the participants were taught public relations and communications with the media, analyzed the election campaign of 2016 and women candidates, and raised the level of competences political and social leaders need such as communication, decision making, team collaboration, conflict management, voice management, and vocal performance.

The next session will be held on August 24-25. Scheduled lectures include the art of speech, working with the audience, complying with the dress code and basic protocol, reputation and image management skills, etc.

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