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Commemoration of rebels on Independence Day near Lida

Commemoration of rebels on Independence Day near Lida

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Independence Day was celebrated in Lida district by a prayer in the Rebels Chapel, consecration of a new cross on the burial place, speeches at the rebels’ graves, and opening of the thematic exhibition. The Movement For Freedom (MFF) Hrodna Region Coordinator Vitold Ashurak was the main organizer of the event.

The event began with a prayer made by priest Andrey Radzevich of Biarozauka. “Locals say that this chapel remembers the times of the 1863-1864 uprising,” said the priest. “This mass is for those who died for their motherland and gave their lives for it. We pray that God grants them the Heaven.”

The event was continued near Holdava where the priest consecrated a new cross on the rebels’ burial place.

“I don’t know what people were hoping for who revolted against such a powerful empire; nevertheless, they have made their choice. I am convinced that their sacrifice is the foundation of our today’s independence. And I would like us to not be worse than these heroes,” said Vitold Ashurak, speaking at the cross.

He dug in at the burial place a burial ground from Kastus Kalinouski’s grave, which was specially brought from Vilnius. The same ceremony was held near Krizhi, where two crosses and a memorial sign were installed near the graves in honour of the rebels.

The event participants have also visited an exhibition in honour of the rebels, where the head of the local Belarusian Language Society branch Stanislau Sudnik spoke about the uprising of 1863-1864 in Lida district. Swans Zmitser Zakharevich and Siarhey Charniak performed there.

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