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MFF Leadership School is held in Navapolatsk

MFF Leadership School is held in Navapolatsk

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The Movement For Freedom (MFF) intends to hold MFF Leadership Schools in each region of Belarus, aiming at strengthening the leadership skills of the activists, deepening the internal communication between the MFF members, and making regional teams stronger.

“The MFF is investing heavily in the education of its members. We recognize the importance and value of cultivating ambitious leaders in the regions, who would be able to unite citizens to address the problematic issues of a local nature and to participate actively in election campaigns,” noted School organizer, MFF Deputy Chairman Viktar Yanchurevich.

According to him, “One is not born a leader, one becomes a leader.” “New knowledge gained at such Schools will certainly contribute to the development of leadership potential of our activists,” concluded Yanchurevich.

“Navapolatsk has been lucky enough to host two Schools conducted by the MFF — the Youth School and the Regional Leadership School. For the city activists this was a good opportunity to attend lectures and meet with experts,” said Vitsebsk Regional Coordinator Volha Damaskina.

According to her, the Regional Leadership School helped activists understand the mechanism of how to solve problems in their yard or city, how to make sure that people could influence decision making, and how to act within the legal framework. Damaskina said local activists learned many interesting things about working with the media and social media, and received practical advice on how to become noticeable in their city.

“Educated and highly motivated participants are a group, which is very pleasant to work with. I would be very happy if this level remains at further events,” said one of the lecturers, MFF First Deputy Chairman Ales Mikhalevich.

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