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National embroidered shirt day in Baranavichi

National embroidered shirt day in Baranavichi

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National embroidered shirt day in Baranavichi organized by the local Movement For Freedom (MFF) branch passed in a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

The celebration attracted about 50 persons from several regions of Belarus, including Brest and Hrodna regions and Minsk City.

“We have started celebrating embroidered shirt day before the state even thought about this,” said one of the organizers, MFF Regional Coordinator Yuras Kazakevich. “This year, we have also invited people with disabilities so that they can feel themselves a part of the society.”

According to him, the state has also organized national embroidered shirt day in Baranovichi this July 2, albeit for the first time — in the pedestrian area, in the best location, and with much greater possibilities. Baranavichi activists were not invited there, and Kazakevich expresses doubts that the citizens would be allowed to be present. The MFF’s holiday was organized completely at the organizers’ expense.

“Most people will probably gather at the pro-government celebration. However, those are random people, while we attract people who really support our Belarusian identity,” said Kazakevich.

The celebrations were initially held at the Belarusian Language Society’s office in Rusini sub-district, recalls MFF Baranavichi Coordinator Uladzimir Hundar, but it was later decided to hold them further on in the city centre to attract more attention.

“At the embroidered shirt day celebration, the MFF promotes a return to our Litvin, Belarusian roots,” said Hundar.

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