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This year’s first MFF Summer School takes place in Hrodna

This year’s first MFF Summer School takes place in Hrodna

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This year, the Movement For Freedom (MFF) organizes 4 Summer Schools — 3 first-stage schools will take place in Belarus with 1 final second-stage school taking place in Bialystok. Training took place in Hrodna this weekend.

“Unlike the past Schools, the training in Hrodna was attended by a lot of people who have achieved some success and have a status in society, such as teachers and university graduates. They already have a certain influence in society and are capable to convey the information obtained at the School to even more people,” said a member of the MFF Youth Council Mikita Semianenka.

According to him, the School participants learned how electoral headquarters operate and which specific structural reforms Belarus needs. “Economist Siarhey Chali said that he has talked about reforms for many years, but officials are pointing out that he allegedly says nothing specific. So, he named the specific reforms to the younger generation and explained them in simple terms here,” noted Semianenka.

Art expert Maksim Zhbankou explained why the European way is natural for Belarus.

He shared his experience of how Belarusians felt themselves abroad 30 years ago and how comfortable they feel themselves there now.

“I am glad to be a teacher at the MFF Summer School for several years in a row now. It’s especially pleasant to work with the devoted youth, who in the long term will be building and creating the future of the independent Belarus, which is my strong belief,” said one of the Hrodna School teachers, writer Valiarina Kustava.

According to her, she always strives to make her lectures interactive and alive, with a maximum involvement of the audience, so that afterwards young people are able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice, being aware of the cultural context.

“All of this is to help them understand the ways the profession of each of them (whether they be philologists, IT specialists, historians, or political scientists) can be used to the benefit of civil society and the Belarusian people, in particular, and Belarus as a whole,” concluded Kustava.

“This is my first time at the MFF School. We had many interesting lectures. The School is a great opportunity to learn about the economic and political relations of Belarus and other countries, to listen to professionals in various fields, and to meet with young people who are concerned about the future of our country,” said one of the Hrodna School students Hanna Haurushina.

“I really like the MFF Summer School. There are many opportunities for Belarusian young people here,” said Viktoriya Petrushkevich. She particularly noted the lecture by MFF First Deputy Chairman, political scientist Ales Mikhalevich.

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