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Welcome to the Women’s Leadership School

Welcome to the Women’s Leadership School

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The Movement For Freedom (MFF) invites women participants to ‘The Power of Women’ school. This school is a unique opportunity to improve your skills and enhance your professional competence, develop leadership skills, and become more efficient, confident, convincing, and successful — and eventually, to implement your ambitious plans for the benefit of Belarus.

Who can apply: women activists and leaders of the public and political sectors

When: August 17-18 and 24-25

Participant composition: MFF women activists who see themselves among the organization leaders (70%), and women activists and leaders of the public and political sectors (30%)

The selection will take place on a competitive basis. Please, fill in the form responsibly.

Attending all sessions is a requirement for participation.

Contact person: Viktoriya Tabolich (+375 29 660 80 68,

The chosen participants will attend a set of trainings and theoretical and practical lessons that can help develop the competencies political and social leaders need:

  • communication (self-presentation skills, defending one’s position, and talks in difficult conditions),

  • decision-making,

  • cooperation in a team,

  • conflict management,

  • the art of speech and working with the audience,

  • skills of cooperation with the media and understanding communication channels required in the political and public campaigns,

  • voice control during presentations and speeches, and public positioning,

  • the ability to comply with the dress code and basic protocol, and reputation and image management skills.

The lecturers include:

  • Aliaksey Burnasenka — an expert in communication and working with the audience, a consultant for EPAM Systems and Wargaming, a coach for TEDx speakers in Minsk and Warsaw,

  • Aksana Zaretskaya — cultural expert, business etiquette trainer, Etiquette and Culture School founder,

  • Vitaut Rudnik and Lana Rudnik — consultant trainers in organizational development,

  • Irina Salamatsina — an expert on gender equality, Chairperson of the Belarusian Working Women Organization,

  • Marina Shukiurava (aka Rusya) — vocal image maker.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

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