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10 reasons to apply for the MFF’s Summer School: the graduates’ opinions

10 reasons to apply for the MFF’s Summer School: the graduates’ opinions

The Movement For Freedom’s (MFF) Summer School titled ‘The European Choice’ continues. We asked the former students to name its distinctions and to tell us whom they would advise to join in.

“Young people from all over Belarus gather at the MFF’s Summer School. We provide them with the knowledge that they will never get at school or public universities about our true history, the current state of our economy, and our policy prospects,” says MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich.

According to him, these are the topics that are important for young people to understand what the future of Belarus should be and how the country should develop.

The school’s distinctions

“The school will be useful to those who are looking to meet new people, especially peers interested in history, politics, and economy of Belarus, and those who want to get answers to their questions from experts,” says Yahor, who was the school’s student in 2018.

The people and the atmosphere are what distinguishes the MFF’s School, says Raman. He would gladly repeat the experience of learning.

“I was impressed by the meetings and visits to public institutions in Poland — more precisely, the attitude to our group: it was at a decent level. We got informal discussions, when a person has a senior position, but there is no looking down nose at us. It was also very pleasant to find yourself in the Parliament and Senate halls, and to see the openness of these institutions,” remembered Tatsiana.

We were very lucky with the team, which was incredible, diverse, and each one was a unique and interesting personality, she adds. “It was nice to spend the time and live through these moments. By the way, the five days have passed like a month, and I missed it awfully immediately after the end,” she said.

“Why should one apply for this school? Because the most important thing is felt there — unity through all the conversations, questions, and mind games. You feel the freedom of thought and speech, and the power of the words of others. Also, you will get the opportunity to meet with people who don’t just tell you their opinion on a certain topic, but will show you how to apply it in practice,” says Ruzha.

“I’ve never been passionately interested in politics or economics. But I always wanted to do something good for our long-suffering Belarus. The MFF’s School provided an excellent opportunity to receive quality knowledge in order to understand how I and the like-minded young people could build the future of the country,” says Viktoriya.

She says she didn’t see any indifferent people at the School: “There was only an open, active, and thinking future Belarus!”

“The MFF’s School is distinctive in that it covers several important areas at once — politics, economy, history, and culture. The organizers manage to very naturally combine the blocks in these areas, as well as to invite truly experienced and interesting speakers,” says Darya.

The girl thinks one should definitely apply “as it’s one of the unique opportunities to delve into the past and the future of Belarus, as well as to get acquainted with cool people, and to visit Poland, too.”

Who should apply for training?

1. Those who are interested in how Belarus lived, lives, and will live.

2. Young people who care about the future of Belarus.

3. Young people who are interested in politics, but have not yet found their way.

4. People who are looking for a community of like-minded persons.

5. All those who are concerned and take care of their own country — and not just in word.

“Let as many young people as possible take off their ‘rose-coloured glasses’ with the help of the MFF’s School and share their plans easily in a free atmosphere!”

A few more words by former School participants:

“The point of the School is that young Belarusian leaders are given a mental boost by experts to analyze and think about the path of Belarus, and what potential Belarus has got,” says Valiarina.

“The MFF’s School is not a school where they teach you; rather, it’s an open day at a university of Belarusian studies. Over the five days, the MFF’s School introduced me to an incredible number of interesting people, professionals in their fields — Belarusians who are united by a common idea, a common love for Belarus,” says Piotr.

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