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A cross in honour of the rebels of 1863 is installed in Lida district

A cross in honour of the rebels of 1863 is installed in Lida district

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Public activists of Hrodna region, including members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF), installed a cross on the burial place of the insurgents of 1863-1864.

“We were preparing for the installation of this cross for 3 months,” was told by one of the initiators of the cross installation, MFF Hrodna Region Coordinator Vitold Ashurak.

According to him, they were told about this burial place by a local resident, who is nearly 70 now. “When he was a child and was repeatedly going on the road between the villages, he saw a cross on the hill, though there was no cemetery there. Older people told him that the rebels were buried there and that the cross was in their honour. People looked after that cross,” explained Ashurak, and added that the cross stood until the arrival of the Bolsheviks, when it worn down almost completely.

After that, the activists addressed local historians, in particular Leanid Laurish, who confirmed that there was a burial place of the rebels.

“We have restored the cross in honour of the rebels — the people who fought and perished. The restored cross is the restored memory. Another place of commemoration of the rebels appeared on the map,” said Ashurak.

The politician said that this is a contribution by Hrodna residents at a time when “madmen are demolishing the crosses in Kurapati during Christian holidays.” “They have destroyed a hundred of crosses, and we have installed one cross. It’s only one cross yet, but there is reason for optimism now,” concluded MFF Regional Coordinator.

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