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How did Minsk celebrate Freedom Day?

How did Minsk celebrate Freedom Day?

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The celebration in the Kiyeuski Square on March 24 lasted six hours and is estimated to have attracted up to 5,000 people.

Organizers of the Belarusian People’s Republic 101st anniversary celebration summed up the results of the Minsk event at a press conference. Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuri Hubarevich called it successful.

Read here about the decision to choose the Kiyeuski Square for the celebration

The event on March 24 in Minsk

The organizers decided to hold a concert and a rally at the same site.

The concert included performances by N.R.M., Day Darohu!, Razbitaye Sertsa Patsana, Vodar, Kas, and Nikhay.

The main theme of speeches by politicians and public figures was the protection of Belarus’s independence. Speeches in the Kiyeuski Square were made by the representatives of the organizers — MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich, MFF First Deputy Chairman Ales Mikhalevich, MFF Council member Mikita Semianenka, Co-Chairs of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) party Vital Rimasheuski, Volha Kavalkova, and Paval Seviarinets, Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (BSDP) Ihar Barisau, and Acting Chairman of the United Civil Party (UCP) Mikalay Kazlou.

Speeches were also made by the House of Representatives MPs Hanna Kanapatskaya and Alena Anisim, Head of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrey Bastunets, public activist Zmitser Dashkevich, former head of the Belarusian Language Society Aleh Trusau, and artists Ales Marachkin and Ales Pushkin.

Political parties installed their tents at the site. The participants could buy souvenirs with national symbols, and visit a children’s area and a food court.

The event lasted between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. — 6 hours in total.

The independence is at risk

“More than a hundred years ago, the founding fathers of the BPR were in very difficult circumstances. Nevertheless, they found the strength and will to declare the creation of a new Belarusian state. They have given this hope to us as a legacy. It is due to this that we have an independent state now,” said Hubarevich addressing the participants.

He said that today’s authorities are yielding our independence and sovereignty, signing the Union State agreement with the imperial Russia. “They do not ask us whether we want to live in such a country and depend both politically and economically on our eastern neighbour.” The politician addressed the participants with the question whether they need the Union State and the participants answered confidently: “No!”

“100 years since the proclamation of the BPR’s independence, we have our independent state — the vessel that we need to fill with a genuine Belarusian content,” said Ales Mikhalevich.

He noted the fact that a number of large festivals were held on that day. “After a time, the white-red-white flags will fly as the official state flags of the Republic of Belarus. And such celebrations will be held in every city and town of our country,” said Mikhalevich.

Freedom Day was also celebrated in other Belarusian cities and towns, and abroad. Many of the celebrations were either organized by the MFF members or the MFF members were their active participants, including Hrodna, Mahiliou, Shklou, Lida, Biarozauka, Homel, Hlibokaye, Vitsebsk, Polatsk, and others.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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