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The 101st celebration of the BPR to take place in any weather

The 101st celebration of the BPR to take place in any weather

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Statement by the March 25 Celebration Organizing Committee on the need for joint effort:

Non-recognition by the Belarusian authorities of the national holiday — Freedom Day — should not stop the celebration of this date, which is important for many Belarusians.

The 100th celebration of the Belarusian People’s Republic by many thousands of people was possible thanks to the joint efforts of all democratic forces in the country. It is only when we are united that we can be successful.

The current disunity among political and public leaders in preparation for the 101st anniversary of the proclamation of the BPR gives reason to the authorities to deny permission for all the formats proposed and manipulate the situation.

The March 25 Celebration Organizing Committee calls on the representatives of public forces, political parties, and cultural initiatives to engage in the open discussion of the Freedom Day 2019 celebration format.

The discussion will take place on March 7 at 11:30 a.m. at the Belarusian Social Democratic Party’s office by prior agreement. (Contact person: Volha Bikouskaya, +375 44 740 56 97)

Yuri Hubarevich, Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF)

Ihar Barisau, Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (BSDP)

Vital Rimasheuski, Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party (BSDP)

Mikalay Kazlou, Acting Chairman of the United Civil Party (UCP)

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  • #847 11.03.2019 18:13 @ ВР

    Пару абзацаў пра "фармат":

    "Шматтысячнае святкаванне БНР 100 атрымалася дзякуючы супольнаму намаганню ўсіх дэмакратычных сіл краіны"? Моцна сказана. Многія помняць, як гэта было, як 4 арганізацыі з 13 у аргкамітэце пайшлі на сепаратнае пагадненне з Мінгарвыканкамам...

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