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Executive committee holds a visiting meeting in Biarozauka in response to the MFF members’ appeal

Executive committee holds a visiting meeting in Biarozauka in response to the MFF members’ appeal

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An appeal with 55 signatures in support of the initiative to change Land Law, promoted by the Movement For Freedom (MFF), became the reason for a visiting session of Lida District Executive Committee in Biarozauka.

Last June, the MFF has started the campaign to prepare amendments to the Land Law in support of the MP Hanna Kanapatskaya’s initiative. Main proposals include reducing the grounds for seizure of land for public use, removing the restrictions on transactions with land plots, removing the restrictions on land plot mortgage and pledge of tenancy, and cancellation of the charge for entering into rental agreements and the possibility to unilaterally change the amount of rent.

Campaigns in support of this initiative have been held in Minsk and several of the regions. In Biarozauka, 55 local residents put their signatures under a corresponding appeal, which was sent by the MFF activists to the Executive Committee and an assistant of the House of Representatives MP in Dziatlava constituency.

“The initiators of the appeal were invited to a meeting on January 31,” was told by an MFF member Siarhey Pantus.

According to him, the applicants at the meeting were represented by him and journalist Yuriy Dziashuk. The meeting was attended by five other persons, including Executive Committee representatives and Biarozauka Town Council Chairman Valer Yavodzik. The meeting continued for 5 minutes.

“We have invited you, because your appeal contains 55 signatures, so we have to react and to work with the community. You ask to support your legislative initiative and to evaluate your bill,” stated a representative of the Executive Committee.

The former item, he said, is not in their competence. However, the Executive Committee is willing to participate in the discussion, if — in accordance with the new legislation — this document is posted on the website.

“On the one hand, the officials have made a report just to check the box, as if they are working with the activists. On the other hand, we were invited to a visiting meeting for the first time ever, and if this trend continues, it will be well,” thinks Pantus.

It should be noted that MPs and Executive Committees in several regions have refused to respond to the appeals with the proposal to support the amendments to the Land Law and the Public Hearings Law campaigned by the MFF.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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