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MPs and administrations refusing to respond to voter appeals on legislative amendments

MPs and administrations refusing to respond to voter appeals on legislative amendments

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MPs and Executive Committees have begun to respond to the appeals with the proposal to support the amendments to the Land Law and the Public Hearings Law, campaigned by the Movement For Freedom (MFF).

“We, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, due to the issues existing in the sphere of land relations, favour the bill developed by MP Hanna Kanapatskaya with the support of the Movement For Freedom,” read the appeals, which were sent by the MFF members to their MPs and local Executive Committees.

In their collective appeal, the activists are asking the local authorities to express their position on the proposed amendments and to take measures to include these rules in the land law legislation, in particular in the Land Code of Belarus.

MFF Salihorsk City Coordinator Uladzimir Shila gathered 45 signatures in support of this initiative and filed an appeal to the House of Representatives MPs Andrey Ribak and Yuliya Murina and to Salihorsk City Executive Committee. Only Mr. Ribak has responded so far.

“Your appeal was not considered on the merits,” responded MP Andrey Ribak, and advised the activist to appeal to the Council of Ministers.

Baranavichi City Executive Committee is not willing to address the issue either. A response signed by Deputy Chairman Dzmitiy Tsikhno came to MFF Brest Region Coordinator Yuriy Kazakevich.

The institution reminded the activist that the legislative initiative in Belarus is the authority of the House of Representatives, the Council of the Republic, the Government, or an appeal signed by 50 thousand Belarusians.

“Since Baranavichi City Executive Committee is not the initiator of the project of the regulatory legal enactment specified in your appeal, you need to send the collected signatures of citizens in support of amending the Land Code of the Republic of Belarus to the developer of the bill, namely MP Hanna Kanapatskaya,” stated Mr. Tsikhno.

The MFF has started the campaign to prepare amendments to the Land Law in support of the MP Hanna Kanapatskaya’s initiative last June. Main proposals include reducing the grounds for seizure of land for public use, removing the restrictions on transactions with land plots, removing the restrictions on land plot mortgage and pledge of tenancy, and cancellation of the charge for entering into rental agreements and the possibility to unilaterally change the amount of rent. The campaign in support of this initiative has been carried out in Minsk and a number of regional cities, including Mahiliou, Salihorsk, Orsha, Biarozauka, Baranavichi, and others.

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