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Trading in Belarus’s independence is unacceptable

Trading in Belarus’s independence is unacceptable

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The Centre-Right Coalition made a statement on the unacceptability of giving in the independence of Belarus in exchange for economic preferences from Russia.

“The statements by Russian officials, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and MPs contain threats of occupation of Belarus under the Crimean scenario, humiliate our country, and are unacceptable,” state the leaders of the Centre-Right Coalition.

The statement was signed by Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuri Hubarevich, Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) party Vital Rimasheuski, and Acting Chairman of the United Civil Party (UCP) Mikalay Kazlou. They demanded that the Belarusian government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs respond immediately to the provocative statements of Russian authorities.

“Any concessions of the sovereignty to the Russian Federation lead to wars, thousands of deaths, and economic degradation of nations and regions. This is evidenced by the examples of Abkhazia, Transnistria, Crimea, and the Donbass,” reminded the politicians.

According to them, instead of this, the economy must be restructured, inefficient management practices must be abandoned, and the destruction of national business must be stopped.

“Abandoning the subsidization of the inefficient Belarusian economy through cheap oil and gas is a chance for our country to carry out reforms and build a competitive economy. We call on the Belarusian government to use this chance and to carry out urgent economic and political reforms in order to strengthen the country’s economy and independence,” stress the leaders of the Centre-Right Coalition.

The authors of the statement stressed that it is the policy of the Belarusian authorities of the last 20 years that has consistently undermined the foundations of sovereignty, discriminating Belarusian culture and the Belarusian language, destroying private businesses and entrepreneurship, with Belarus getting involved in dangerous military and political alliances.

“This policy has put the Belarusian economy in total dependence on Russia and has filled the Belarusian security forces and the ideological agencies with the supporters of the ‘Russian World’, who are willing to betray Belarus at any time,” say the Belarusian politicians.

The Centre-Right Coalition has demanded from the Belarusian government “to stop the criminal trade in the country’s sovereignty and national interests”, “urged the Belarusian citizens to defend the independence and their constitutional rights”, and called on the authorities “to stop immediately the repressions against their own people, and to reform the law enforcement system and the electoral laws.”

“The foundation of a strong state is a competitive economy, patriotism and professionalism of law enforcement agencies, national unity based on the values of national culture, independence, and protection of the rights of every citizen. The main and the only reliable guarantor of independence are free citizens who are willing to volunteer to defend their country,” state the politicians.

“We call on all democratic political forces of Belarus to unite in order to defend the sovereignty and independence of our Motherland,” concluded the authors of the statement.

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