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MFF demanding to recognize the dependence on Russia a threat to sovereignty

MFF demanding to recognize the dependence on Russia a threat to sovereignty

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European integration should be recognized as one of the priorities of Belarusian foreign policy, the authorities should implement the recommendations of international organizations, and should recognize the dependence on Russia a threat to independence and secede from the union with Russia, think the organization members.

Members of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) have adopted the final resolution titled ‘On the European Choice of Belarus’ of the Reporting and Election Conference held on December 15 in Minsk. The resolution expresses support for closer cooperation with the countries of the democratic West, the further integration of Belarus into the European space, and the need for dialogue between the EU and Belarus, taking into account not only the economic and political interests, but also human rights protection.

“We support the further participation of Belarus in the EU’s programme named ‘Eastern Partnership’ and we believe that our country’s long-term goal is the accession to the European Union,” states the resolution.

The MFF named the following primary steps to develop the relations between Belarus and the EU: completing the negotiations on visa regime simplification, expanding contacts in the economic field, and strengthening the cooperation with non-governmental organizations, independent media, and educational institutions.

“We consider insufficient the Belarusian authorities’ steps for the protection of Belarusian sovereignty and economic independence from the Russian Federation, and are concerned about the continuation of the offensive on the part of the Belarusian authorities against the rights and freedoms of Belarusian citizens and repressions against independent trade unions, the media, and political opponents,” stressed the resolution authors.

The MFF demanded that the Belarusian authorities respect the freedom of expression, assembly, and association, and abandon the practice of persecution of political opponents.

In addition, the organization thinks that the official Minsk should recognize “the economic and political dependence on Russia a threat to Belarusian sovereignty”, and should “secede from the political, military, and economic alliances with that country” and “declare the course of integration with the European Union as one of Belarus’s foreign policy priorities.”

Belarusian authorities should also implement the recommendations of European and international organizations, including liberalizing the electoral law and holding democratic and fair elections, introducing a moratorium with the further abolition of the death penalty, and carrying out systemic economic reforms.

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