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Yuri Hubarevich is re-elected Chairman of the MFF

Yuri Hubarevich is re-elected Chairman of the MFF

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A Reporting and Election Conference of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) was held on Saturday, December 15. The organization members re-elected the leadership, nominated a candidate for the Centre-Right Coalition’s primaries, and approved a development strategy for four years and a political programme.

“I am grateful to those people who have worked together with me for these two years so that the Movement For Freedom survived to a certain extent and lived, that we had a growth in 2018 with new people coming, and that new programmes and new activities started. I am convinced that the next two years will be marked by increased activity of the Movement For Freedom,” said Hubarevich as a candidate for the organization’s presidency.

He called the upcoming election campaigns the opportunity to convey the MFF’s position to every Belarusian.

“We will continue our work in the non-governmental area, as well. After all, it is not only the politics that the MFF is capable of, but also our activities for the revival of the Belarusian language and culture, attracting new people who are not indifferent to the Belarusian culture, and those who became interested in politics just recently,” said the Belarusian politician.

The conference has re-elected Hubarevich Chairman of the organization. Ales Mikhalevich became MFF First Deputy Chairman, with the other two Deputy Chairmen being Viktar Yanchurevich and Kiril Staselka.

In addition, the organization members have supported Hubarevich as a candidate to be nominated for the Centre-Right Coalition’s primaries for the election of a single candidate for the presidential election.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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