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Vitold Ashurak is elected MFF Hrodna region coordinator

Vitold Ashurak is elected MFF Hrodna region coordinator

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The nearest plans of the MFF Hrodna region branch include preparing for the Reporting and Election Conference, while a more distant perspective includes participating in election campaigns, says the newly elected regional coordinator of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Vitold Ashurak.

“I am grateful to those people who supported my candidacy. The main thing that I feel now is responsibility. I know people who were present at the meeting, so I am responsible personally to them and to the members of the whole Hrodna region branch,” Ashurak told

His immediate plans include a deeper acquaintance with the regional branch and preparation for the MFF conference to be held on December 15.

“We need to take care to visit the capital, Minsk, representatively, so that Hrodna region is represented by the best people,” said the MFF regional coordinator.

Further, reminded Ashurak, 2019 and 2020 are the years of election campaigns “to the parliament — whichever it is, and the presidential election — whichever it is.”

“I have my own vision for these elections and for those very important elections for us that will be held later on, where the votes will really be counted. Until now, all the election campaigns have been the small steps, and we are moving in the right direction — we just must not go astray. We must prepare for the elections where we will eventually win,” concluded Ashurak.

“Vitold Ashurak is one of the recognized public leaders of Hrodna region, whose activities go far beyond the borders of Lida district where he resides,” commented MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich on the election of the new coordinator.

Among such activities, he recalled the commemoration of the rebels of 1863, patriotic festivals and concerts of Belarusian musicians, and public events in the region.

According to Hubarevich, he now expects the activities in the region to intensify.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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