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EPP adopts a resolution on Belarus

EPP adopts a resolution on Belarus

The European People’s Party condemned the violations of the freedom of the Internet and speech in Belarus, and urged the Belarusian authorities to immediately cease pressure on the independent media, and the European Union to review the priorities of dialogue with Belarus.
These requirements are contained in the resolution adopted at the EPP Congress in Helsinki today. The document was prepared by the Centre-Right Coalition. The EPP highlighted the critical growth of pressure on the democratic movement in Belarus, human rights violations, and the difficult situation for the opposition, independent trade unions, civil society, journalists, and other defenders of freedom. The party also called on the Belarusian authorities to immediately release and rehabilitate all political prisoners, review the sentence in respect of the Radioelectronic Trade Union leaders, stop the persecution of journalists under the so-called ‘BelTA case’, and fulfill their responsibilities in what concerns the freedom of association, speech, and assembly. “Due to the fact that the situation with the freedom of speech and human rights has been steadily deteriorating in Belarus, the EPP calls on the European Parliament and the European Commission to urgently take the necessary measures, including to revise the priorities of cooperation with Belarus and to consider additional possibilities for the protection of human rights in Belarus,” reads the resolution. The EPP considers it necessary to reformat the dialogue with Belarus, linking it to the issue of respecting human rights and reforming the electoral law and the law enforcement system. “The adoption of this resolution at the EPP Congress is important because this party actually determines the EU policy, and this indicates that the recent repressions against journalists and trade union leaders won’t be ignored,” says Chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Yuri Hubarevich who was present at the Congress.

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