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The Belarusian Youth Forum is held in Minsk

The Belarusian Youth Forum is held in Minsk

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The Movement For Freedom (MFF) Youth has organized a youth forum in Minsk named ‘Our Occupation’, where young Belarusians took part in master classes, quizzes, and got to know each other.

“Today at the Youth Forum, we have interesting well-known persons as hosts — writer Valiarina Kustava, journalists Franak Viachorka and Andrey Dynko, public activist Andrey Strizhak, and publisher Aliaksandr Kvitkevich. Some of them will not only deliver theoretical lectures, but will also coordinate the work on the specific topics,” was told by one of the organizers, MFF Deputy Chairman Kiril Staselka.

According to him, there was a very nice atmosphere at the Forum. Apart from Minsk, participants from different Belarusian cities came, including Mahiliou, Maladzechna, Salihorsk, Brest, and Hrodna. “This is an opportunity for them to communicate with each other in the most comfortable conditions, to plan future activities, and to discuss their joint projects,” said Staselka.

Of the highlights of today’s forum, he mentioned the educational part, communication, and team building.

“As part of the forum, we ask the participants about the activities which are important for them, and plan to analyze the results to adjust the activities in the future and create a plan with the events of interest for young people in order to invite them to the activities which they want to participate in,” concluded MFF Deputy Chairman.

“I came to get close to the team, because it is our event, the event of the Movement For Freedom. There are a lot of new people here, and it’s interesting to see those whom I didn’t know yet,” was told by a Forum participant, MFF member Yaraslau Hrihoryeu.

According to him, the forum can provide useful advice, in particular on how a debate club can be organized. “It’s important to hear the opinions, advice, and the tips on how to do this better. It is to this end that such events are held, so that people with experience advise people with ideas on how to make it better,” concluded Hrihoryeu.

It’s very important to educate young people. Team building is important, as well — you can meet new and interesting people, says another participant, MFF member Aliaksandr Lisouski. “It’s very important to learn new things, to feel an example, to make efforts, to have ideas, and to change life for the better. I take part in such events because I believe in Belarus and I’m not going to leave ny country. We want to make Belarus a better place,” concluded Lisouski.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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