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7 amendments to the land law

7 amendments to the land law

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House of Representatives MP Hanna Kanapatskaya and lawyer Volha Beliautsova presented their draft amendments to the land law. The campaign to promote the amendments is carried out by the Movement For Freedom (MFF).

The main proposals include reducing the number of grounds for seizure of land for public use, removal of restrictions on land plot transactions, removal of restrictions on land plot mortgage and pledging the right to lease, abolishment of payment for entering into lease contracts and the possibility of changing the amount of rent unilaterally, etc.

In addition, the bill’s authors propose introducing clear targeted payments for the land, removing the restrictions on changing the land’s designation or division, and a court procedure for compulsory seizure.

“At our round-table conference, the invited economists made comments and expressed their general support,” said the MFF Minsk City Coordinator and one of the event’s organizers Viktar Yanchurevich. “In addition, the document was sent for opinion to 15 organizations, such as regional executive committees, the State Supervision Committee, specialized departments of universities, and business associations.”

According to him, all of them responded, and in a very different ways — even some regional executive committees have the opinion that the amendments to the land law are relevant and could be approved in the near future.

“In general, these proposals will be taken into account when finalizing the bill. After completing the necessary procedures, the document will be submitted to the House of Representatives,” concluded Yanchurevich.

“This is an important topic for the MFF, because we work with people who regularly face their property rights’ violations. No one is immune from the decisions of the local authorities to get you out of the land, where the house might have been built by your ancestors, arguing that such are the state needs. In practice, however, these ‘needs’ are not only important things such as building a highway, but may also be the erection of a casino or an entertainment centre,” commented the MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich on the campaign.

According to him, the business is facing such challenges, as well, and has to live in fear. “There is no confidence in the near future, and investing in the buildings of retail outlets is always questionable. It’s time to put things in order and provide a legal protection. That is why we have supported the legislative initiative of Hanna Kanapatskaya in this area and are conducting a public campaign in favour of the amendments to the land law,” concluded Hubarevich.

Photos and video by Artsiom Liava

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