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Activists install a monument in Lida district to honour the rebels of 1863

Activists install a monument in Lida district to honour the rebels of 1863

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Public activists, including those of the Movement For Freedom (MFF), have held commemoration of the rebels of 1863 in Lida district and installed a memorial sign today.

“We have installed our own memorial today and have held the ceremony of honouring the rebels of 1863 for the first time in 3 years,” was told by MFF member and one of the event organizers Siarhey Pantus.

The ceremony participants read out the names of over 400 rebels of 1863 from Lida district. Local branch head Stanislau Sudnik told about the consequences of the uprising for families and towns. The priests of the Autocephalous Belarusian Orthodox Church have consecrated the monument. The event ended with a concert by swans.

According to Pantus, it is important to hold such events “for us to remember”. “We should remember our history, and not only the tragic events (which is, no doubt, important), but heroic events, too. This is inspiring people to build a state in the future, to build a nation, and gives hope that Belarus is living and will live on,” concluded the MFF member.

“This place is a real tomb — about 30 rebels of 1863 are buried here. Historians say that this was a detachment from Navahrudak district, which was making its way to Vilnia [now Vilnius] and gave its final fight to the Russian punitive forces,” was told by MFF member Vitold Ashurak.

According to him, the first monument appeared here back then, two oak crosses were installed in 1995, and there was an old Polish stone. A year ago, local public activists decided to make a memorial sign, and worked on the new concept all the summer and continued into this year. Local artist Maksim Runets is the author of the artistic decoration.

“I consider this memorial an example of what it takes to unite the nation,” said Ashurak.

“We will seek the official recognition of the monument by the authorities and including it in the list of our district’s historic sites to make this place popular among young people and children, so that someday teachers would be bringing them here and would be telling them about our history,” said MFF member Valer Minets.

According to him, it is necessary to ensure that the memory of the uprising lives forever.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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