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MFF proposing to permit land turnover

MFF proposing to permit land turnover

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The Movement For Freedom (MFF) has launched a campaign to prepare amendments to the land law in support of the initiative by [the only oppositional] deputy Hanna Kanapatskaya. The prepared amendments contain proposals to guarantee the rights to land and allow market turnover of land.

“Land is a basic element for the development of business and society. There are legal issues in this area in our country that adversely affect the development of private property and the economy. There is even a study by the Institute of Privatization and Management, which shows that land issues are the top 5 issues which are of concern for business. That’s why we are preparing a bill that would find broad support,” said, opening the round-table conference, member of the MFF Council Viktar Yanchurevich.

The amendments to the legislation prepared by deputy Hanna Kanapatskaya and lawyer Volha Beliautsova were presented at the round-table conference. As noted by Kanapatskaya, her purpose is to prepare a bill before the autumn in order to include it in the autumn session of the House of Representatives.

“Why did we support the changes proposed by Hanna Kanapatskaya?” explained MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich at the round-table conference. “Due to the very nature of our organization, we also work with the appeals of people. We are repeatedly addressed by people who talk about their real problems because of the demolition of buildings for the sake of construction not only of roads (which, after all, can be justified by the real public needs) but also of shopping malls.”

“We are changing the land laws not because this helps the business but because this is a worldwide strategy,” noted one of the round-table conference participants Associate Professor, PhD Siarhey Shaurou.

The proposed amendments include a reduction of the list of grounds for the withdrawal of land through the clarification of the ‘public needs’ term, strengthening the security of land tenure, abolition of restrictions on market turnover of land, etc.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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  • #738 17.06.2018 11:39 @ Anatol Starkou

    "Государственная собственность на фсё и фся это гарантия независимости нашего государства."

    Поясню. (1) На госсобственности ОСНОВАНА фся наша экономика в течение 100 лет после октября 1917 и любое прикосновение к гс - революция, разрушение экономики, беда. На гс сложился наш и общества менталитет. Кто МЫ? Колхоз. Маленький 9,5млн незалежны нищий колхоз Беларусь, никому после развала СССР ненужный - ни Западу, ни Востоку. А теперь делим ОЧЕРЕДНОЙ РЕВОЛЮЦИЕЙ наш колхоз на частные угодья. Кому они достанутся? Каждому из нас нищих? Неужели? А может Запад скупит и мы ізноў у польскіх паноў будзем працаваць рабамі? Дык менталітэт іншы. Ды нябедная РФ ніякі багаты Захад да нас не пусціць. Яна скупіць нас на кораню. Вось таму казаў, што гс оберегает нашу незалежнасць. (2) Улада былой КПБ гэта лепей за мяне разумея і таму Лука + іншыя дзяржаўныя беларускія людзі ва ўладзе застаюцца ва ўладзе, каб вось такія Рухі не ўчудзілі на Беларусі бяды-разрухі. Вось таму ўсё б-ч-б НЕ АДПУСКАЕ Луку.

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