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Hubarevich: Ignoring the people’s opinions, the authorities are setting fire to a powder keg

Hubarevich: Ignoring the people’s opinions, the authorities are setting fire to a powder keg

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Residents of Talbukhina street yards, where a business centre is under construction, have filed a lawsuit against the construction company demanding a total ban of these activities. MFF Chairman Yuri Hubarevich is one of the plaintiffs.

he plaintiffs point out that numerous violations were committed when designing this business centre. In particular, the standard of the possible size of the parking lot in the yard is violated — the distance from it to the houses is too small. (In accordance with Sanitary Rules and Norms, the facades of residential houses should be at least 35 m away and house sides should be at least 25 m away, while the distance is 11.8 m in this case.)

“The implementation of the project to create an object for administrative purposes at Nezalezhnastsi Ave. 93B in Minsk with a parking garage for 126 parking spaces is an activity that has an adverse impact on the environment,” conclude the claim’s authors.

They are asking the court to fully “prohibit the economic activities” of the construction company on the construction of an open parking garage.

“Officials drive people into frenzy by their demonstrative defiance. The story surrounding the construction of the business centre with a parking in Talbukhina street yards unfolds since the previous year, and local residents have no extraordinary demands — they just attempt to get guarantees of their right to live in a healthy environment,” commented Hubarevich on the lawsuit.

He stressed that the locals "weren’t against any building on a vacant lot, but it should have been constructed in accordance with the current regulations and should have had a rationale of need for the city and the neighbourhood.

“The residents’ indignation was caused by the plans to build an underground parking garage for 126 cars with the ventilation exhaust pointing directly into the windows of nearby houses. The design of this construction is clearly not consistent with the existing sanitary standards,” said the politician.

According to him, “the officials wrote formal replies in response to numerous requests, and the district and city authorities are simply laughing in the people’s faces during personal meetings.”

“With such actions, the authorities are once again setting fire to a fuse on a powder keg. Testing the limits of the Belarusian people’s patience, they run the risk of new public protests, like the ones which happened in early 2017 due to the ‘Spongers’ Decree No. 3,” concludes Hubarevich.

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