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MFF Youth elects a new Council

MFF Youth elects a new Council

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The second meeting of the MFF Youth Commission took place — the participants have elected the Council, have discussed the areas of activities, and have adopted a provision, which will govern their future work.

The meeting was opened by the Movement For Freedom (MFF) Chairman Yuri Hubarevich, who noted that young people are the force of change, and wished the participants a fruitful work and the ability to negotiate and work together.

In addition, the representatives of partner organisations — the BPF Youth (the Belarusian Popular Front party) and ‘The Young Democrats’ — made their before for the MFF activists.

The meeting participants have elected the Council of five persons by rating voting. The Council now includes MFF Deputy Chairman Kiryl Staselka, MFF Hrodna Region Coordinator Vadzim Levan, and organisation members Viktoriya Tabolich, Alina Herashchanka, and Aliaksey Kliushnichenka.

The participants have adopted a provision, which states that the Council shall be elected for twelve months.

The first meeting of the MFF Youth Council will be held on January 16 and will approve the Commission’s areas of activities.

All the decisions adopted at the meeting will come into effect after the results are approved by the MFF Council.

Author: Volha Bykouskaya

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